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July 26, 2011



4 Rounds For Time
Run 400
20 Burpees
2 Rope Climbs

Scale For The Rope Climb Is 15 Ring Rows

Nutrition Talk Part 1 & 2

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  1. Marianna Reply

    I heart this WOD, burpees and all! See…positive attitude…even in the face of the evil burpees!

  2. KristinP Reply

    Just finished this one and I have a question: does this positive attitude thing extend into the post wod arena? Gonna hold the rest of my comment till the answer is received 🙂

  3. darciepick Reply

    when Im in extreme pain I try to smile and keep smiling until I start believing that Im actually happy. Sometimes it works, but it always makes someone else smile!

  4. Mark Lee Reply

    Kristin-Whats not to be happy about?You Just Finished The WOD!:)

  5. sarah lee Reply

    kristin. It wasn’t THAT bad.

    Congrats Darcie and Erica on your first rope climbs!

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