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July 29, 2011

It’s On!!! The CrossFit Games Start Friday And Go until Sunday-Watch Live Or Catch The Highlights Here



Climb As High As You Can In 15 Minutes
1 Clean And Jerk
1 Ring Dip
2 Clean And Jerk
2 Ring Dips
3 Clean And Jerk
3 Ring Dips
etc. Until 15 Minutes Is Up.
Guys Rx 135 Girls Rx 95
We started the week with this quote and we will finish with it, because it is critical to our success as athletes:

“Inspired by Greg Amundson, we talk with our members about the importance of a strong mental approach to training and how words and thoughts can influence your performance. We don’t allow any negative words at the gym. Pre-workout, sayings like “this is going to suck,” “I hate burpees” and “5 rounds? This is going to hurt,” aren’t allowed at the gym. Instead we say things like “I am going to get fitter today,” and “I’m going to get better at burpees today.” Our athletes know that thoughts become words, words lead to actions, actions create habits, and habits determine your destiny.”

Ben Bergeron

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  1. sarah lee Reply

    Hi guys! I love you all so much. On that note… please remove all personal items from the Gym. This includes dirty sweaty clothes, towels that you use to wipe your sweat, socks, jump ropes and water bottles. Everything not claimed will be tossed. The black cubbies are NOT personal lockers. They are only for gym shoes to be left in. The lovely ladies that work hard to clean up after all of us are not our slaves and don’t want to pick up our dirty clothes. Thanks!

  2. Dana Reply

    At games see you guys next week!

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Please don’t throw out my thong!

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