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August 02, 2011

Congratulations to all the winners of the CrossFit Games 2011!!!



5 Rounds Rest As Needed Between Rounds (3-5Minutes If Possible)
Strict Press Max Reps With 75% Of Your 1 Rep Max
Strict Pull Ups (Try To Get A Minimum Of 10 Per Round)

Tip-Train Palms Out and Palms In To Build Strength With Both Grips Rather Than Just Favoring 1 Grip

The Champions

The Offer Stands For Anyone Who Would Like To Join Us September 10th For The Hyannis Sprint Tri II. Post To Comments If You Would Like To Be Part Of A Relay Team And Offer Your Skills For The Swim Bike Or Run And We Will Try To Make Up Some Teams. If You Sign Up As An Individual Let Us Know In The Comments! Your Wod This Week Is 25 Minutes On The Bike-How Much Distance Can You Cover? And Swim 6 Minutes Straight. Dose Not Have To Be Done In The Same Day- That’s It-The Rest Will Be Done In The WOD And We Will Ramp Up For The Next 5 Weeks.Who Wants To Challenge Themselves?

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  1. ErinM Reply

    I will swim on a team! But I cannot make any record breaking promises:)

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Just signed up! OMG! Crossfit is changing me completely, never in a million years would I have ever thought of signing up for such an event! Wicked excited but a bit nervous especially since I’m watchng shark week!:)Jen Ben

  3. KristinP Reply

    Aw crap! You know I gotta be in…I’ll do whatever. I’m def leaning more towards the team gig though 🙂

  4. Mark Lee Reply

    Jen you are going to love it! There will be at least a hundred other people in the water for the shark so I like our odds! Kristin and Erin I could see you doing the whole thing…I’m just sayin’

  5. David Churbuck Reply

    I’m tentatively in as a biker for a team effort …. if I can borrow a bike that is. I have a single-speed track bike, but that’s not going to work.
    Dave C.

  6. Amy Kbaum Reply

    Count me in. I up up for whatever…team or individual. Sounds like fun!

  7. ErinM Reply

    I simply won’t have time to do the whole thing that time of year is crazy for me – but if anyone wants to do the bike I know kristin will do the run!! We need a biker:) who’s on our team- it will be a FUN team?:)

  8. ErinM Reply

    Oh Dave! Just saw that – you could be our biker:)

  9. Marianna Reply

    I’m definitely in! I’m leaning towards doing it individually though, sort of want to see where I stand after a year of crossfit and zero triathlon training. Before I got obsessed with crossfit, I used to be obsessed with triathlons:)

  10. Nettie Reply

    I’m in for the individual. Being at the games was SO motivating!!!

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