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September 26, 2011

I will post about the garage games probably tomorrow…I will say this-it was an awesome experience, and Amanda did incredible! Thanks for everyone’s support and for all who attended I am thrilled that you were inspired to compete. The next event is scheduled for November 12 at CrossFit Southie. There is a scaled and rx,d Division. Whose interested?

Please register your nutrition challenge points with us tomorrow for last Saturday-to this Saturday.




Followed By:

1000m Row
50 Thrusters 45lb Bar
30 Pull Up
For Time

Good news! I got 2 used rowers this weekend-they both need a little work but they will serve us well especially through the challenge!BY THE WAY…WOW!!! The CrossFit Cape Cod Team Is AMAZING! Together we have over 500,000 meters! Great job to all the participants-keep up the great work!

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  1. Amy Kbaum Reply

    Count me in!

  2. Littles Reply

    From Sat 9/17- Friday 9/23
    17.5 points.
    I was taking .5 off for every post wod shake I used milk in. Switching to water for a variety of reasons!

  3. Drew Reply

    Greg, i leave for four days, four days! nice job putting in time on the rower. I have some work to do, nice job everyone, that 100k doesn’t seem as daunting now.

  4. Amanda Reply

    I know he won’t say it himself, but Mark totally represented C3 and did an AMAZING job at the games!!!!

  5. Mark Lee Reply

    Thanks Amanda, but the highlight of the weekend was you pushing that sled to the finish line!

    I put up a scoreboard for the nutrition challenge- all you have to do is write your totals for each week in the designated column. Careful not to smudge each others scores. If you haven’t paid, weighed in or done 3 benchmarks by this Sunday you won’t be eligible for prizes…

  6. erica Reply

    Hey Mark and Sarah I have a couple questions about rules as I am adding up my points…. Is the “small handful of nuts with meals” a rule like the amount of wine or fruit we have? What if I have an apple with almond butter just for a snack? Or a few nuts not with a meal because dinner didn’t happen on time and I am trying not to snack on the chips someone next to me is eating? Also what is serving of fruit? I get an apple or banana is a serving but what about grapes or cut up melon? Thanks!

  7. Mark Lee Reply

    Erica-no deductions for fruit or nuts. Sounds like you are doing great!

  8. KateyB Reply

    Sat-tuesday 3 points each
    Wednesday 2 or 2.5 I had blue cheese dressing
    Thursday-Friday 3 points each
    Saturday-Sunday 0 points. I’m blaming it on Eve. But I’m back strong today.

  9. 3tabs Reply

    What a great experience, I wonder if you did it again!

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