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December 08, 2011



Squat 80%x3, 85%x3, 90%x Max

Followed By:


Wall Ball 
Knees To Elbows

Call it self control, determination, being stubborn, or what ever else you like, but I want to know:
Got Willpower?

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  1. Mark Lee Reply

    From the linked article-
    “People who think that willpower is limited are on the lookout for signs of fatigue. When they detect fatigue, they slack off. People who get the message that willpower is not so limited may feel tired, but for them this is no sign to give up — it’s a sign to dig deeper and find more resources.”

    I think this article holds the secret to winning the Mutha’ Of All Nutrition Challenges…

  2. Jane Reply

    I totally agree with that quote. There are times when I can dig deeper and push through, but on days when mentally I’m not feeling tough, I definitely notice I tend to slack off much sooner, because I don’t feel like ‘I can do it’ and it becomes a self-defeating attitude.

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