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December 19, 2011

Congratulations to Chuck “The Mongoose” Sabatt. The winner of our name the WODs contest. “Movies” will be our theme, as Mongoose pointed out we are in a former Blockbuster location, and there are endless possibilities. Not all the names will be movie titles, but general pop culture from all things movies, along with titles, some old some new, some good, some not so good. Thank you all for your great ideas! It was a lot of fun reading them!



CrossFit Total

1 Rep Max Back Squat
1 Rep Max Press
1 Rep Max Deadlift

Details of the nutrition challenge thus far…
The starting date will be Monday, January2nd and end on Monday March 12th. We will split all the participants onto 3-6 teams. There will be challenges each week. When starting the challenge each participant will 1.weigh in at crossfit. 2.take a before picture on your own. 3. participate in the benchmark workouts prior to January Second. We will announce both benchmark WODs on December 23rd. Anyone Interested can participate in both WODs on Saturday December 24th if you are in town. 
I would strongly recommend reading ‘The paleo solution’ and using the food plans, shopping guide, and food matrix contained in it. This will take most of the guess work out and help you to formulate a plan. The competition will be based on elimination and the winner(s) will be chosen based on the best results of the remaining challengers at the end of the 10 weeks. Everyone will be expected to report in each day in the comments on the blog. There will be 2 (possibly 3) days where you will get a ‘free’ day during the challenge. 1x during the challenge you will have the option that if you are going to be eliminated you can select at random a workout that will ‘buy you back in.’ There will be points awarded to each team and the team that reaches a set number of points first will be awarded a free day. 
The first 2 weeks will be strict paleo. After that we will introduce some stuff back in.   
I am trying to put together a packet for all the participants, more on that soon. Any one that wants to participate needs to sign up between tomorrow and next Saturday. The cost to participate is 40 dollars. 

Rowing Club
The Date of the Cranberry crunch is January 29th-details here.
I am posting 3 rowing WODs a week until the 29th and will continue to post them right through until the Crash B’s Both events are 2000 meter rowing races. Do the training and the nutrition challenge and you will kick butt and take names.

The CrossFit Games Open beins February 22nd-another great reason to tighten up your game with the nutrition challenge!

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  1. Littles Reply

    If you’re interested in cooking well during the challenge “paleo comfort foods” is a great book, get it on amazon. Also, I’ve contacted a kitchen in Falmouth to see it I can rent the space in Jan to teach a few cooking classes…paleo style of course, for my C3 friends. If they won’t I’ll just do it at my house for those interested. I’ll keep you updated. AND for those who might be nervous about starting there are a lot of us to help walk you through it. It’s incredibly simple (which Is probably the hard part).
    I will a do a tour of trader joes with anyone who needs one. Well…only if you’re on my team:) just kidding!!

  2. mcgrail Reply

    Agree with Liz…Paleo Comfort Foods is a great book…

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