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January 26, 2012



‘Crime School’

5 Rounds

Row 250
Run 200
30 Double Unders

Each Round Will Be 5:00
Rest Whatever Time Remains If You Finish Before 5:00 

Annie Sakamoto 2012 Games Prep

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  1. Bushy Reply

    No pictures of ErinM’s butt? WTF!

  2. mcgrail Reply

    Good one Bushy! For those of you playing along at home we last did ‘Crime School’ on 12/22/11

  3. amanda Reply

    Melissa you are loooking awesome!!!

  4. Littles Reply

    Melissa you are looking great and killing wods, great job!

  5. Anonymous Reply

    I thought this was gonna be an easy one! Wrong!

  6. Marianna Reply

    A repost from Team Sweevil’s fb page, but hoping to figure out the answer to this, so figured I’d ask you guys as well. I noticed that the condition of my fingernails deteriorated since I started eating Paleo, like, it went from totally healthy nails, to brittle nails that constantly split in layers and contstantly break, even when they are kept super short. Any ideas?

  7. Jane Reply

    brittle nails can be caused by any number of vitamin deficiencies. Are you eating enough green, leafy vegetables? Are you taking any vitamin supplements, such as a multivitamin, one designed for women is the best as we tend to be low in calcium and folic acid, either of which can cause brittle nails.

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