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February 07, 2012


AMRAP 15 Minutes

Run 200
20 Double Unders

Today is the beginning of week 6! How is everyone doing? A lot of people took a cheat day yesterday. How are you feeling? Did you experience cravings today or do you feel so awful you are glad to be back on track? Please post to comments.

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  1. Gabe Reply

    I feel like I NEVER want Chinese food again. General Tso has been sitting at the bottom of my rib cage for 12 hours! I do LOVE a gin martini (or 3) though! Glad to be back on track today.

  2. Marianna Reply

    Felt so awful about the feeding frenzy that I ate nothing but lettuce and broccoli today. Not even kidding…very happy to be back on track for sure. (However, with that being said, those brownies, wine and brie were freaking delicious!!!) I think the key is to use a little more moderation next time I take a cheat day. Just because you can eat whatever you want does not mean you have to eat EVERYTHING you see. Seriously.

  3. Littles Reply

    I took a cheat night tonight. It was on weird stuff like buttery toast, milk …brie..the chocolate was too sweet. WHAT? yeah, too sweet. I’m so disgustingly full and I haven’t eaten since 6:30. I’m so hot right now I’m going to have to sleep with the windows open. UGH. But it all tasted really good:)

  4. Mark Lee Reply

    Since Sarah posted this one I’ll chime in- I feel like I have the flu . That is all. Oh and I’m grumpy.

  5. sarah lee Reply

    No comment.

  6. Katey b Reply

    Definitely craving sugar!!!!!! Pure gluttony wasn’t worth it. Wish I’d been more moderate. But ice cream is amazing!

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