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February 29, 2012

Wednesday Feb 29, 2012


The date of the party is changing. It can either be Friday March 9 (the challenge will end early) OR Friday March 16. Post to comments if this matters to you. We will do our best to accommodate everyone.
We also need a party theme! Post to comments if you have any ideas! Whoever comes up with the party theme wins a shirt!

Please remember that next week we will be doing our benchmark wods again. Make sure your coach gets your scores and weight. Also turn in your food journals at the end of the week to Mark or Sarah.


Death by 10 Meters

Every minute on the minute run an extra 10 meters
Min 1- 10 meters
Min 2- 20 meters
Min 3- 30 meters

Rest the remainder of the minute. Keep going until you can not finish the minute!

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    How about a topless party. That way everyone will know that the lone person wearing a shirt won the theme contest.

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. mason Reply

    Either Friday night is good and better than on St. Patty’s Day. Thanks for taking a poll. Maybe come as your favorite tv character????

  4. Ian Conboy Reply

    Death! I am in for March 9th.

  5. Anonymous Reply

    March 9th!!!!

  6. Amy Kbaum Reply

    Either date works. Theme: what I wanna be when I grow up.

  7. Anonymous Reply

    Is this an outdoor workout for tomorrow? Kurt M

  8. ErinM Reply

    Either Day works for me too! I like that one Amy Kb – So many themes – I like 80’…luau (only if bushy wears a coconut bra), 70’s – it will be fun no matter what the theme:)

  9. Bushy Reply

    are the original weight in/benchmark sheets available for people to see even if they have dropped out of the challenge?

    also, do you get a vote for party date if you’ve dropped out? if so, i vote for 16th. if not, and the 9th wins, can you set up a laptop and a projector so i can skype into the party on the 9th?

  10. Nettie Reply

    16th, but might not be able to make either. Somebody better show up with a camera!!

  11. Annmarie Reply

    How about your fav Crossfit athlete lol? Either date works for me.

  12. cj Reply

    Either date works works for me

  13. mcgrail Reply

    Mark, is today’s Death by 10m the retest of Benchmark? Or are we doing it next week too?

  14. sarah lee Reply

    Yes mike. Sorry Mark was sick and I posted it for him but forgot its a benchmark.

    Amy KB- I’m going as YOU! I want to be strong like you when I grow up:)

  15. manny Reply

    i say the 9th sure can help while on vacation lol

  16. Amy Kbaum Reply

    Thanks, Sarah! I needed that today. Love the support of my Crossfit Cape Cod community. Looking forward to the party.

    By the way, did not know we had to turn in our food journals. Mine is a little sloppy. Hope we get them back, since I have been putting all my WOD info in it too.

  17. Anonymous Reply

    bingo night, redneck, ugly sweater, nursing home, talk show host

  18. jonathan miles Reply

    Sam:Star Wars as a theme.

  19. jonathan miles Reply

    anorexic bipolar caveman who eats only what he picks up but dreams of having a six pack and eating processed food in the future

  20. KristinP Reply

    I can’t do the 9th so my vote is for the 16th. I’m no good with coming up with themes…all I ask is: please no gowns of any kind! I’m almost as bad at the ball gown as I am at double unders:)

  21. mcgrail Reply

    Vote for the 9th…can’t do 16th

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